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What could be cooler than having an action-filled alien adventure with Ben10? This series has been a huge hit, along with other favorites from Cartoon Network.

Ben10 is a story of a 10 year old boy named Ben Tennyson, who chances upon a powerful watch called the Omnitrix. With this alien device, Ben is able to morph into various alien forms, fighting off evil villains. Ben spends his summer vacation going cross-country with his cousin Gwen and his grandpa Max, a veteran alien fighter. Along their journey, they encounter lots of eerie alien attacks, and with Benís collection of powerful aliens, the three of them always save the day.

Among the aliens features in Ben10 are Four Arms, Heat Blask, Grey Matter, Upgrade, Ghost Freak, Diamond Head, Wild Mutt, and Rip Jaws. As Ben gets used to his unique powers, the Omnitrix acquires more alien DNA, providing additional alien morphs for Ben. The newer aliens include Doublo, Ben Wolf, Wild Vine, Cannonball, and Up Chuck, to name a few.

The next series following Ben10 is entitled, Ben10; Alien Force, and it features a more mature and stronger Ben Tennyson, who is now fifteen years old. You can expect more action and tons of excitement with this newer series, and you get to meet even more powerful and ultra cool aliens. To name some, there are: Echo Echo, Humongousaur, Alien X, Brainstorm, and Swampfire.

Now, your kids can do more than just enjoy Ben10 on TV, because you can find awesome pictures to for them to print out and color. Your kids will surely have a blast as they take the Ben10 adventure with them and customize their own alien color themes. Simply choose any of the Ben10 coloring pages here, save the files, and open them on MS Paint or any other imaging software. You can resize the images, print them, and start the fun.

16 pictures for kids to print and color
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