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This section is for Blues Clues Coloring Pages. Meet Blue and his friends bucket and spade who love to play outside, mr salt & mrs pepper and their kid paprika, tickitty the clock, slippery soap who loves bubbles and the gingerbreadman.

Do you know why the dog's name is blue? Because blue is the color of the sky and the color of his favourite bird. Blue is the color of the water in the bath. Blue is the color of his towel. Blue is the crayon he always chooses to write the number 2. Blue is the color of his rainhat and shoes. Blue is found in his favourite pancakes - just like the ones mr salt makes.

But Blue is not the only color in your coloring set! So dont limit yourself to blue. Use all your favourite colors and make your coloring pages colorfull and lively. Who knows? Steve and Blue may jump into your coloring page and make it come alive!

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