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Baby Bugs Bunny Coloring Pages for the fans of the cute bunny from looney tunes. Baby Bugs Bunny and Baby Daffy are best friends. They love to play all day long, but they don't like to share their toys.

One of their favorite places to play is in the sandbox. Baby Daffy likes to make big sandcastles out of the sand. It takes him a long time to finish each castle, but he is so proud of himself when once is done. Baby Bugs loves to build castles too, but he always tries to knock down Baby Daffy's castles and dump buckets of sand on Baby Daffy's head. Be careful Baby Bugs! You don't want to get sand in Baby Daffy's eyes!

Grown-up Bugs Bunny loves to eat carrots. In fact, he loves carrots so much, that he carries at least one carrot with him everywhere he goes. When Bugs Bunny goes to the park, he takes a carrot. When he goes to visit a friend's house, he always brings a carrot or two. He even takes carrots to the grocery store when he shops to buy more carrots! Do you love carrots too?

One of Bugs Bunny's favorite things to do is play jokes on Elmer Fudd. Elmer Fudd is a hunter who is always trying to track down Bugs Bunny. But Bugs is too smart for Elmer and always gets away from him when he is captured. Once Elmer caught Bugs and brought the him home to cook Bugs into a rabbit stew for dinner. But as soon as Elmer gets home, he is fooled by Bugs and agrees to let the rabbit go free. Even though Elmer Fudd is a hunter, he doesn't really want to hurt bugs Bunny. The one time he thought he shot Bugs, Elmer cried and worried that Bugs was badly hurt. But Bugs Bunny didn't even have a single scratch!

Now that you have met Bugs Bunny when he was a baby and a grown-up, it's time to color him with our Bugs Bunny Colouring Pages! You can color Baby Daffy and Elmer Fudd too!

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