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Meet some of the Looney Tunes!

Baby Bugs Bunny really wants to be a star when he grows up. He's not sure yet if he wants to be a singer, or a dancer, or an actor. But Baby Bugs is sure he wants to be rich and famous. He knows that being a grown-up is hard work, though. So Baby Bugs is happy that he's still a kid and loves playing with his other Baby Looney Tunes friends.

Baby Daffy is always getting into trouble. He doesn't mean to get into mischief, but it always seems to find him. Whenever Baby Daffy has a decision to make, he always seems makes the wrong one. But it's ok to make mistakes. In the end, Baby Daffy knows he has learned an important lesson and he won't make the same mistake twice.

Beep, beep! Road Runner is one of the fastest animals you've ever meet. He loves to race down the road kicking up clouds of dust behind him. Road Runner is very curious and he wouldn't hurt a flea, but Wile E. Coyote is always trying to find a way to catch Road Runner. Luckily, Road Runner has never fallen for any of Wile E.'s traps.

Porky Pig is one of the most loveable Looney Tunes. He has a good heart and a cheerful attitude. Sometimes Porky has trouble saying what he is thinking. He stutters and gets words mixed up a lot. But if you give Porky time, he will eventually get the words out right.

Tweety is a cute loveable yellow canary. Tweety is innocent and sweet, but he is also very smart. He is always in a battle with Sylvester, the black and white cat who wants to eat him. Luckily, but manages to escape from Sylvester every time at the last minute.

Last is Bug Bunny, all grown up now. As an adult bunny, Bugs is mischievous and has a smart mouth, but he is a good friend to his Looney Tune pals. He loves carrots and spends a lot of time relaxing in his rabbit hole home. Bugs Bunny loves to have a good time, and isn't afraid of danger - even when he should be scared.

What colors do you think you should use to color in each of the baby looney tunes colouring pages? Are any of the Looney Tunes the same color, or did you use all different colors?

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