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Kai-Lan is the main character of a 6 year old playful, adventurous preschooler with a big heart.Ye Ye (Mandarin word for "paternal grandfather") is Kai-Lan's grandfather and legal guardian.
Rintoo is a 5 year old tiger who loves dragons and racing race cars. Tolee is a 4-year-old koala that loves pandas and fruit (especially apples, bananas, and pineapples).At age 3, Hoho the white monkey is the youngest of Kai-Lan's friends Lulu is a pink rhino.In one corner of Kai-Lan's backyard is a teeming mini-metropolis of ants called Ant City.Howard is an owl who first appears in "The Dragonboat Festival." He delivers letters, and only speaks in hoots.Stompy the Elephant is a big, playful Elephant who first appears in "Safari Pals."
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