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Printable Silhouettes

  • ass silhouette

  • eagle silhouette

  • stegosaurus silhouette

  • scotishterrier silhouette

Silhouettes have been popular even as early as the 18th century. Silhouette was actually the name of a french minister. Long ago, when France fought a Seven Year War, this man, as the finance minister, asked wealthy frenchmen to save money for their country by giving up their luxuries. For example, instead of painted portraits, he wanted them to be satisfied with outline portraits called profiles or shades. Since then, profile portraits in dark colors against light background have been called Silhouettes. One of the most famous silhouette artists of the 18th century, August Edouart, cut thousands of portraits in duplicate. Silhouettes can be used in different ways in your crafts projects and scrapbooks. Here, you can find silhouettes of animals, birds, vehicles and cartoons. And if you want more, head over to Printable