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Dragons are magical make-believe creatures. They have a long body like a serpent, four legs, and a pointy tail. A lot of dragons also have wings.

Most dragons are covered in scales just like a snake, but some have thick leathery skin like an elephant. Dragons can be any color you can imagine, but the most popular dragon colors are red, black, green, and gold. Some dragons can breathe fire out of their mouths and blow smoke out of their nose. Others can breathe ice and cold air.

There are several different types of dragons and each dragon is unique. The most popular type of dragon is the large, fierce fire-breathing dragon. It has thick feathered wings and a mane and tail tipped with fire. Smoke comes out of its nostrils with every breath. People are afraid of this dragon because it dislikes people and can easily burn them with its fiery breath.

Not all dragons are mean and scary though. Some are very smart and friendly, and use their magic to help people. Friendly dragons usually love to be around people and other animals. Puff the Magic Dragon was a very famous friendly dragon who became best friends with a little boy named Jackie Paper. Puff was very big, but he was careful to never hurt anyone and he never scared people. Some dragons can even be a scaredy-cat themselves!

Chinese dragons are very important symbols to the Chinese culture. They are the rulers of water, and symbolize power, yang, and the emperor. True Chinese dragons are made up of parts from nine different animals. They have a head like a camel, ears like a cow, horns on their head like a male deer, and a neck like a snake's body. Chinese dragons also have a belly like a clam, the big large eyes of a demon, sharp claws like an eagle, feet like a jungle tiger, and 117 scales on their body like a fish. Some dragons hold a pearl that can allow them to control lightning strikes.

Now that you know that dragons are make-believe, don't be afraid to color them on our dragon coloring pages ! Which dragon is your favorite picture?

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