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Fantasy Coloring Pages

Angel Coloring Pages

Art Angels Do you believe in Angels? How do you imagine they would look like? Have you ever seen pictures of angels? Now you have a chance to bring your favorite angel into full color. With Angel Coloring Pages that are available here, you can printout angel pictures...

Dragon Coloring Pages

Dragons are magical make-believe creatures. They have a long body like a serpent, four legs, and a pointy tail. A lot of dragons also have wings. Most dragons are covered in scales just like a snake, but some have thick leathery skin like an elephant. Dragons can be any colo...

Fairy Coloring Pages

These Fairy Coloring Pages show some colorful fairies from Fairy Cottage There is a green Irish Fairy, a blue fairy of tranquility, felicity fairy, gaiety fairy and more colorful fairies.Where do all these fairies come from? The word fairy is also spelt as faerie. "When the...

Precious Moments Coloring Pages

These Coloring Pages are inspired by the world famous Precious Moments Collectible figurines. Samuel J Butler, in 1974, introduced a range of greeting cards featuring cute kids with tear drop shaped eyes. Initially, he made these for family and friends. The greeting cards beca...

Unicorn Coloring Pages

Unicorns are magical fairy-tale creatures that live in a make-believe world. Have you ever seen a picture of a unicorn? They look like beautiful horses with long flowing manes and tails. But unicorns are special because they have a long pointed horn on their heads. The horns can be twisted or...

More Fantasy Coloring Pages
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Godzilla Coloring Pages

Giant fictional monsters such as king kong and godzilla seem to capture the imagination of little children. The name "Godzilla" is a transliteration of Gojira , a combination of two Japanese words: gorira , meaning gorilla, and kujira , meaning whale.Adults, too, are fond of these creatures as th...