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Precious Moments Coloring Pages

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These Coloring Pages are inspired by the world famous Precious Moments Collectible figurines.

Samuel J Butler, in 1974, introduced a range of greeting cards featuring cute kids with tear drop shaped eyes. Initially, he made these for family and friends. The greeting cards became very popular and Samuel Butler introduced them commercially with the name "Precious Moments". The cute tear drop shaped eyes are a distinct feature of all Precious Moments creations. The Precious Moments collectibles line began in 1978 with 21 figurines, called the "Original 21". These have now become famous internationally. Every year, new Precious Moments figurines are released which are eagerly purchased by collectors all over the world. There is also a 3000 acres large Precious Moments Inspirational Park with a chapel.

8 pictures for kids to print and color
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