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Unicorns are magical fairy-tale creatures that live in a make-believe world. Have you ever seen a picture of a unicorn? They look like beautiful horses with long flowing manes and tails. But unicorns are special because they have a long pointed horn on their heads. The horns can be twisted or straight and can be any color in the rainbow.

A unicorn's horn is very valuable because it has magical powers. Some people believe that a unicorn's horn can heal sick people who are injured or dying. Unicorn horns can also cure poison. Kings and queens even used to take medicine made out of unicorn horn to help them stay young and live forever. What do you think it would be like to be a kid forever and never grow up?

There are only a few unicorns in the world, so they are rare and hard to find. Unicorns can live anywhere since they are make-believe. But most unicorns are very shy and live deep in the forest. The dark forest trees help unicorns hide and protect their valuable horn from people who want to steal it.

Have you ever seen a unicorn? Sometimes young girls who are pure and beautiful can lure a unicorn out of the forest. To call a unicorn, girls sit in a field at the edge of a forest and sing softly. At first the unicorn is shy and scared. Soon the unicorn realizes the girl is innocent and doesn't want to hurt him. If the unicorn is brave, he may quietly walk to the edge of the forest to lay his head in the girl's lap while she sings.

What colors are you using to color these beautiful cartoon unicorns in our unicorn coloring pages?

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