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There are lots of different types of transportation vehicles and each vehicle is unique. Cars are the most popular transportation vehicle. Cars are used everyday to transport people by helping them drive them to places like the grocery store, the doctor's office, and the library.

Some cars, like compact cars, are very small. Others cars, like luxury cars or SUVs, are long and tall. All cars have four wheels, seats in sit in, and a steering wheel to turn the car left and right on the road. Most cars also have a trunk so you can store things like groceries and boxes when you are driving to where you need to go.

Pickup trucks are similar to cars, but they are bigger and taller. Pickup trucks don't have a trunk. Instead they have a bed, which is a big flat open space in the back where you can carry cargo. The side walls of the bed keep the cargo from falling out and the back wall is called a tailgate. The tailgate also keeps cargo secure but it can be raised up and down to help load the cargo in and out of the truck. Pickup trucks can be used to transport people like cars do, but they are usually used when you need to carry large or heavy cargo items that can't fit into the trunk of a car.

Tractors are a type of transportation vehicle that are used on a farm. Farmers use tractor to help them prepare the soil to grow crops. They also use tractors to help them take care of crops while they are growing and harvest the crops when they are ready to be gathered. Tractors usually have very big wheels with deep treads so that they can easily drive over loose soil without getting stuck. There is no trunk or bed on a tractor, but tractors do have a place when farmers can attach different types of tools such as tillers to help them do their farm work.

Monster trucks are trucks that the drivers have changed to make them very large and powerful. All Monster trucks have huge oversized tires that are much larger than normal truck tires. They are used for fun and competition only and are not usually driven on the road. Drivers sometimes race Monster trucks over obstacle courses when they have to run over small empty cars, jump dirt ramps, leap over puddles, and drag large heavy loads of cargo.

Grab your crayons and make sure you color each of these vehicles before they drive off the page!

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