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Horse Coloring Pages

It's time to color a few of the horse coloring pages and cowboy coloring pages.Horses are large mammals with a long head, pointed ears, four legs with hooves, and a long mane and tail. Some breeds of horses, like the Shetland pony, are very small. Most Shetland ponies are only 9 hands, or 36 inches, tall. The biggest horse breeds are called draft horses. Draft horses can grow up to 20 hands, or 80 inches, tall. Clydesdales and Belgians are two types of draft horses.

All horses naturally move in four different gaits. The first gait is the walk which is the horse's slowest movement. The next gait is the trot. The trot is a faster movement than the walk and is a very bouncy gait. The third gait is the canter, which is a slow form of the gallop. When a horse canters, he looks a lot like a rocking horse since he is rocking gently back and forth as he moves. The last gait is the gallop. The gallop is the fastest movement that a horse can make. Horses need a lot of room to run when they gallop since they can cross a field very quickly and run out of space. Race horses gallop when they are racing, and mustangs like to gallop out in the wild. If a horse can gallop fast enough, he can sometimes get all four of his feet off the ground at the same time! Horses can be used for a lot of different things like riding or trail rides. Experienced riders sometimes jump fences or compete in horse shows. Cowboys sometimes try to ride untamed horses called broncos in rodeo contests. In a rodeo, a cowboy sits on the bronco's back without a saddle and ride for as long as they can without falling off. Bronco riding is an exciting sport to watch, but it is very dangerous because the broncos rear up and try to buck the cowboy off. Horses are also good work animals. Work horses can be used to transport people over long distances. They can also pull carts or plows, rope cattle, help guide a herd of livestock, and carry heavy loads of supplies.

Now that you have learned all about horses, hurry and grab your crayons before the horses gallop off the page!

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